Cross Folder

Cross Folder

What is a cross folder?  A cross folder is a five panel brochure, that folds down to the size of one panel.  We fold these automatically in quantities of thousands to hundreds of thousands.  In the vast majority of times the piece must be die-cut.  To use a clock illustration, the cheapest folding sequence would be to fold 6 o’clock up and 12 o’clock down, 9 o’clock over followed by 3 o’clock over 9 o’clock.  By far the most expensive style to follow using the clock illustration is to fold by 3 o’clock followed by 12 o’clock followed by 9 o’clock, finally 6 o’clock.  In the folding process, first sequence would cost half as much the last sequence.


Another method of producing very large volumes is drastically different.  This process allows the printers to produce the job with one third less paper and requires no die-cutting!  We simply cut sheets rectangle length to a three panel size.  We fold one 3 panel flat piece as a roll fold to the finished size.  In a different operation we tip/glue the folded piece onto the center panel of the flat rectangular piece and plow fold both panels to the center.  The results is a cross folder with the only difference being that the center panel is double thick!

***The old adage “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” is very true but a sample is better than a thousand pictures!!!

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