PMC Die Cutting

What is PMC die cutting (aka High Die Cutting)?

First off, PMC stands for “Printing Machine Corporation” which is the leading manufacturer of the machine. It is simple a 2 to 3-inch steel die that pre-cut paper is pushed through. Paper on a pad or perfect bound book on multiple panel folders is squeezed through the die. Basically, it’s like a monster sized cookie cutter for paper. As for what it actually is, a picture is worth a thousand words! The image below shows what the actual die looks like.




If you want a perfect bound book shaped like an oval, then only a PMC machine can do it. If you want a pad with three concaved sides only a PMC machine will do it. We frequently do scores of jobs that are business size cards with four round corners.



As for alternatives to PMC/High Die Cutting, you can die-cut full individual sheets (called steel rule die-cutting), but you end up with rough nicks on each side. You can also cut cards to finished size and round corner the four corners on a round cornering machine (which EVERY bindery has), but then you end up with uneven corners. The best choice is PMC!




  • The dies are expensive and can run from $600.00 up to $3,200.00 each!
  • The dies take from one to two weeks to order
  • Smallest size the die can be is 3/4”
  • Largest size is 9” x 11” (and we have the largest size in Canada!)
  • PMC/High Die cutting coated stock doesn’t work very well. Uncoated stocks work better.

Top Feature: The edges of the finished product are even and extremely smooth!



  • Sometimes cheaper than steel rule die cutting
  • Adds a lot of value to product
  • Unique process that no other style of machine can replicate
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