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Step Cutting

We are able to “step-cut”, as shown in pictures #1 and #2.  We step cut books that are already bound such as perfect bound books, saddle stitched or hard back books!  Pictures #1 and #2 illustrates “step-cut” books.  The “steps” can be of various widths and lengths.  Different from step-cutting is “face-cutting” illustrated in pictures […]


Tipping is the automated process of attaching (or gluing) something such as a card, pouch, folder, etc. to a larger printed piece called a carrier.  We only do difficult or unusual tipping jobs!  We have the machinery to do: Tipping 2 or 3 pieces onto one side of a carrier Tipping a piece onto both […]

Tag Stringing

We do tag stringing…lots of it!  As you can see from the pictures, we string round tags, undersized tags, booklet tags, oversized tags, extra long string loops.  Aside from the average sized tags, we can also automatically string tags that have been “riveted” with metal eyelets.  You can see from these pictures that we can […]

Glueless Tipping

This product is unusual.  I am not sure what to call it.  To call it “glueless tipping”, would be a contradiction of meaning, because “tipping” by definitions has glue in it!  Whatever it should be called, it is an unusual product.  This process is almost impossible to produce because machines that do tipping requires gluing […]

Miniature Saddle Stitch Books

We run miniature saddle stitched books on one of our Muller saddle stitchers.  We can go down to as small as 2.25” x 2.5”, multiple up, all automatically, with volumes from thousands to millions, with child proof stitches or with loop stitches etc…  We can, in one pass place stitches one quarter of an inch […]


We die-cut boxes…singly ply as shown with the two pictures of blue boxes.  We have three folder gluer machines that can produce a wide range of quantities.  The blue box picture was a run of 320,000 pieces.  We can also die-cut sheets as large as 36” x 50” on our Bobst die-cutter; corrugated materials such […]

Glueless Boxes

Die-cut, retail boxes, as pictured can be remarkable, creative, functional, eye catching and very distinctive.  The downside for these boxes with no glue, is high cost of assembling them.  You could argue that the high cost of assembling these distinctively shaped boxes is borne by the client and is therefore irrelevant, but this reality should […]

Accordion Books

I did one of these eblasts over two years ago about today’s product…accordion case bound books. I have said before that a genius is someone who can differentiate between a fad or a trend. Fads disappear quickly…trends are longer lasting. Are accordion case bound books a fad or a trend…don’t know, but there’s a demand […]

40” Die-Cutters

We do die-cutting.  We have four, 40” die-cutters…Bobst and Brause.  Actually, one will die-cut sheets sizes up to 36” x 50”!  We can die-cut sheets as light as 60lb up to thicknesses of 60 point.  We also have four, 40” clamshell die-cutters.  In the future, I will send emails showing we do such things as […]

Hard Cover Books / Case Wrapped Books

We bind hard cover/ case wrapped books…the whole range; litho wrapped or cloth wrapped cases; square back or round-backed; super thin to four inches thick.  We can smyth sew books up to 20” x 20”!!!  Also, if your job is perfect bound and then cased in, we can perfect bind books up to again 20” […]