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Unique Book Covers

Book covers should not be boring!  The following examples are anything but boring.  Guess what the book with all the wood on the front cover…you guessed it…wood.  Kind of wood…applications for wood…pictures of wood products.  In this instance the wood is actually a “placemat” to put under dinner dishes.  The “sheet” of wood we simply […]

Exposed smyth sewn books

It was only five years ago that we produced our first “exposed smyth sewn book!”  Since then the style has become more common.  Basically, this style of binding is very same as smyth sewn hard cover/hard back books except…the “sewn spine” is not covered!  The first picture is an “exposed smyth sewn book” with only […]


I saw my first “sequins” book only two years ago.  The first book I saw produced only two colour changes, months later a book had three or four colour changes.  Now I have seen books when rubbed produce “WORDS”!!!..    We have sourced contacts that can produce rolls of cloth with customized, multicoloured, sequin patterns. That […]

Leather Books

We bind books in leather.  As I mentioned in the video…leather is VERY expensive!!!  Leather comes in scores of different colours, textures and patterns.  Often the smell of the leather covers on a book is evident.  Certain grades of leather have a distinctive feel, (what book binders call “the hand” of the book).  Leather is […]

Set-up Boxes

Set-up Boxes are an industry term to describe what people would describe as a chocolate box.  In the world of print (other than corrugated boxes), there are two kinds of boxes…set-up boxes and folding cartons (boxes).  The latter for example is the “box” that holds a tube of toothpaste.  This style of “folding carton” or […]


This binding style has different copyrighted names such as Rollabind, Rolobind, Button bind…and others.  The process is not patented! With the exception of a metal ring binder, there is no other binding system in the world that allows the user to add and subtract sheets! The “buttons” come in sizes up to 1” and in […]

Swiss/Euro Binding

This product is called Swiss/Euro binding.  As shown, the book bound in this style can be bound with tape, exposed glue, flat wire stitching, side thread sewing or Smyth sewing.  The distinguishing feature of these books is that the spine of the cover is not glued or attached to the spine. When the book is […]

Pre-printed Perfect Bound Book

The books I pictured here and shown in the video, is a process that is printed on the press sheets during the normal printing process. The printing could be either offset or digital. If you want a book that is case bound or perfect bound, that is “printed”, on the head, face and tail; talk […]

Box Liners

As shown in this video there are three different styles of box liners.  I can’t say which is the most common but the following is something you should be aware of.  Of the three kinds of liners 1. Die-cut paper 2. Foam 3. Vacuumed formed plastics, die-cut paper is the fastest, by far the cheapest, […]


This week’s focus is pop-ups.  As our video, shows pop-ups almost universally elicit a positive response from a user.  Our present day, jaded consumers, think they’ve seen it all, so graphic designers and printers need to work a little smarter to build an emotional connection through the printed image.  When your client’s message must be […]