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Swatch Book

Swatch books are still being made in spite of explosive growth on the internet.  We produce them by the tens of thousands.  The swatch sheets are held together by wire-stitches, in a style called “stitch and flip.”  The separate piles of samples are wire “flat stitched”, and the piece is “flipped over”, to hide the […]

Stand-Up Snow Globe

This is one of the best “bang for your buck”, that I have ever seen. Non-patented, no instructions necessary for erection. It can be inserted for mailing. It can be erected and folded shut numerous times. Will stand up for years. This piece requires routine die-cutting. If one has the right folding, gluing machinery, the […]

Pop-Up Stand

These “pop-up stands”, are not patented and the name is not copyrighted.  We can produce “pop-up stands” completely automated.  Pop-up stands (as shown in the pictures and video) come in sizes from 2” x 2”, to as large as 14” x 12”!  “Pop-up stands” can be mailed without an envelope, when certain design features are […]

Big wire-o

How big is big?  Is this wire-o piece the biggest that we have produced…. no.  What is the biggest we can produce?  Assuming a sheet size 28” x 40”. We could bind either the 40” side or the 28” side.  For a finished calendar size of 28” x 40”!


As you can see from these pictures a “stand”, can range from a roto creased 12 point stock to “wrapped, 120 point board”!  The range of “stand” styles is endless.  For ideas, samples, prices or lead times. Please call us.  We can help!

Cloth Endpapers

As the video and pictures show (I hope well), all hardback books have “endpapers”.  Blank or printed, 99.99% of hard covered book endpapers are PAPER!  But, if you want something very special, highly unusual……something that might get a WOW! The response, think patterned and cloth endpapers.  Multiple colours to choose from.  Various sizes.  If your […]

Die-cut 3D Products

Die-cut, 3D products, such as I have pictured and videoed, are I believe effective sales tools.  They required regular printing, on regular paper…regular ink…nothing out of the ordinary except…a dramatic finished product.  We do the die-cutting which is rather straight forward,  I feel it is wise for the designer to work with the die-cutter because […]

Steel Cover

A book with a STEEL COVER??? Yes.  A major publishing company thought that a formed (bent) steel cover was a good idea.  Apparently, the book sold well.  I’m impressed.  We can make books also like this!  The “metal “cover “could be copper, steel, aluminum, brass……lots to choose from.  If you want a metal cover……call us, […]

Star-Burst Folder

This product is most commonly called a “star-burst” folder.  Star-burst is a copyrighted name, and there are other names, such as “explosion” folder and “pop-out” folder, etc…  This style of folder requires die-cut perforating, hand-folding and finally “tipping” into what is most often a heavier stock 4 page “carrier”.  In our company we can automatically […]

Courier Envelopes

We now manufacture “courier envelopes”.  Note, “we do not print”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You print the envelopes one or multiple up.  We then add six processes to your printed “envelopes”. One……we die cut. Two……we perforate Three……we apply our “removable transfer tape” Four……we apply our “plastic pull/tear strip Five……we fold Six……we glue We are not an envelope company.  We […]