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Foil Stamping

What is foil stamping? Foil stamping, hot stamping or hot foil stamping is the application of pigment or metallic foil to paper using a heated die. The die presses the foil onto the surface under pressure, leaving the design of the die on the paper.  Foil stamping, or foil printing is frequently combined with embossing […]

Gusset Capacity Pocket Portfolio

We’re installing two 40” die-cutters and three machines to produce die-cut glued “Gusset Capacity Pocket Portfolios.” What is a regular standard portfolio?  Picture #1 and #2 shows a standard 2 pocket die-cut glued portfolio that can hold very few sheets of paper.  Several companies in the Toronto market can die-cut, glue and fold, one or […]

Giant Case Bound Book

Giant Case Bound Book What does a giant case-bound (hard back) book look like?  The following pictures tell the answer.  Giant case bound books are made for one of four reasons that I can only summarize. For durability the publisher/customer wants heavier than average paper for the pages such as 100lb offset because there is […]

Wire-o-binding Continued …

Wire-o-binding Another Eblast for Wire-o?  I just did one last week!  Last week was about styles and price ratios.  This week is about ideas, unusual sizes, shapes, stands, material and etc… Picture #1 is a massive piece measuring 18” x 24”! Picture #2 is screen printed plastic used for pricing at store like Walmart.  Usually […]


What is Wire-o-binding? Wire-o-binding is a continuous series of looped wire, usually extending the spine length of a book looped through holes. The holes are usually rectangular although they are sometimes circular. Wire-o-binding is one of four styles of binding called “mechanical binding” which also includes cerlox (Americans call it comb), spiral wire and plasticoil. […]


What is a Moleskin?  A Moleskin is a branded “diary,” “notebook,” or “planner” book.  See pictures below. Moleskin is an Italian company that sold over one billion dollar’s worth of books in 2016!!!  It is still growing.  In the age of tablets, smartphones etc…why?  The reasons are somewhat complex but the biggest reason is people’s […]

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper…so what! I’m seeing a trend. The appearance of natural brown kraft paper, rough board and “fine-flute” brown corrugated in a number of areas. It’s the natural look, recycled look, environmentally friendly look, the back to nature look…the look that universally elicits a positive reaction. Where I see it in our shop is in […]

Ball Chain

What is a “Ball chain”? As these pictures show a “Ball chain” it is the same thing as the common “keychain.” In a bindery context the “Ball chain” can serve four different functions.  The commonest would be to hold 2 or more “cards” together such as shown in picture #1, 5 and 6.   The […]

Miniature Casebound (Hardback) Books

What are Miniature Casebound (Hardback) Books?  Casebound books that are regular case bound/hard book bound books except they are very, very small.  They like large books are smyth sewn, have case-wrap board covers, have head and tail bands, endpapers (sometimes with ribbon or a paper dust jacket).  You often see this in rotary racks in […]

Japanese Ribbon Binding

Months ago I did an E-mail on Japanese Binding. The product here is called “Japanese Ribbon Binding”.  I’ve looked up a number of websites and three of them call this product “Fancy Binding”.  The name Japanese Ribbon Binding is a copyrighted term.  Fancy Binding as a term is not possible to copyright because it is […]