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Die Cutting – 6 Step Die Cut Envelope

Die Cutting is just one of the services we provide, and we do it all in-house. This reduces the time required to complete jobs, so we can often accommodate tight turnarounds. The Tear-Strip Envelope featured in the email arrived in our plant printed on 10pt stock. We took the 28” x 40” sheets from start to […]

Saddle Stitching with Foldouts

We can produce highly unusual Saddle Stitched books that have multiple foldouts! Most binderies can do 6pg foldout covers on Saddle Stitched books, but only a few (like us!) can also add foldouts from the top and/or bottom and/or face. These operations require die-cutting, oftentimes some very tricky folding and then Saddle Stitching. We can do […]

Book Carriers

When a client is looking for a slipcase for a book, it’s usually for just a single book and is mostly for aesthetic or protective purposes. Slipcases also can’t really have a handle as the only location makes it difficult to remove the book. Traditional slipcases (pictured below), therefore, aren’t overly practical for the client […]


  The feature of this week’s email is tipping an extra page into saddle stitched books or folded mailers that cannot be stitched. You might be asking, “Is this a necessary service?” The quick answer is, “yes!” and I’ll explain why. Saddle stitched books need signatures in multiples of 4 (8pg, 12pg, 16pg, etc.). A […]


Grommets are purely functional pieces added to reinforce holes made in paper or fabric. Are they just functional or can they be something more? This week, I’m showing you examples of how we use Grommets to elevate otherwise basic, perfect bound books to unique, memorable pieces! We start with pre-bound books (e.g. perfect bound) up […]


This week, I’m showcasing an unusual bindery add-on for perfect bound and Smythe sewn books. The first page of the book is mounted to the inside front cover and the last page is mounted to the inside back cover. Then, to stabilize the spine, adhesive-backed cloth or embossed paper (both of which come in numerous […]


 Since when did trade binderies do Full Service Packaging for printers? This is a service we have recently introduced as the turnaround timing for some packaging jobs is getting tighter. We produced 40,000 of these containers out of 28” x 40” sheets. We inline box glued the containers, manually popped them open, snapped the […]


LayFlat Binding (also called Otabind or RepKover binding), sounds self-explanatory, but it’s a unique binding technique that is done in two stages. Cold glue is first applied to the spine and, when dried 24 hours later, the cover is attached to endpapers on either side of the spine. This creates a visible gap along the […]


What’s new in the world of Tag Stringing and Hang Tags? What we’re noticing in the Tag Stringing market is a growing demand for a wider range of colours and styles of string. I’m showing two shiny metallic options here. While gold and silver are standard options now, more metallic string colours are being added […]

PMC High Die Shaped Books

This week, the focus is on books that are PMC / High Die Shaped into any shape—baby bottle, animal, fruit, etc. All the books shown in the video started out as typical perfect bound books. The Wire-O books shown above were bound, had the spine cut off and were Wire-O punched. Then, the books were […]