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Star-Burst Folder

This product is most commonly called a “star-burst” folder.  Star-burst is a copyrighted name, and there are other names, such as “explosion” folder and “pop-out” folder, etc…  This style of folder requires die-cut perforating, hand-folding and finally “tipping” into what is most often a heavier stock 4 page “carrier”.  In our company we can automatically […]

Courier Envelopes

We now manufacture “courier envelopes”.  Note, “we do not print”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You print the envelopes one or multiple up.  We then add six processes to your printed “envelopes”. One……we die cut. Two……we perforate Three……we apply our “removable transfer tape” Four……we apply our “plastic pull/tear strip Five……we fold Six……we glue We are not an envelope company.  We […]

Side/Flat Sewing

Side or flat sewing one pieces covers is not very common.  We do this process.  In most situations the sewing makes the covers more durable.  All things considered; the process is expensive.  There are literally dozens of different thread colours, textures, and diameters.  Most often a client wants edge/side sewing for aesthetic reasons.  When one […]

Smyth sewn drawn on cover

The topic for this week is “smyth sewn drawn on covered books.”  This product looks very similar to a regular perfect bound book.  The only difference is that the book sections (or signatures) are thread sewn together.  The benefits of this binding style are Usually this style of binding will lay flatter, open flatter than […]

Die-cut Covers

I did a presentation of die cut covers on hard back/case bound books.  I am repeating the product presentation because the addition of this video enhances the understanding of the process.  We can die cut hard back cover thickness up to 240 point.  Because of the thickness of the hard-back covers, the details of the […]

Unique Book Covers

Book covers should not be boring!  The following examples are anything but boring.  Guess what the book with all the wood on the front cover…you guessed it…wood.  Kind of wood…applications for wood…pictures of wood products.  In this instance the wood is actually a “placemat” to put under dinner dishes.  The “sheet” of wood we simply […]

Exposed smyth sewn books

It was only five years ago that we produced our first “exposed smyth sewn book!”  Since then the style has become more common.  Basically, this style of binding is very same as smyth sewn hard cover/hard back books except…the “sewn spine” is not covered!  The first picture is an “exposed smyth sewn book” with only […]


I saw my first “sequins” book only two years ago.  The first book I saw produced only two colour changes, months later a book had three or four colour changes.  Now I have seen books when rubbed produce “WORDS”!!!..    We have sourced contacts that can produce rolls of cloth with customized, multicoloured, sequin patterns. That […]

Leather Books

We bind books in leather.  As I mentioned in the video…leather is VERY expensive!!!  Leather comes in scores of different colours, textures and patterns.  Often the smell of the leather covers on a book is evident.  Certain grades of leather have a distinctive feel, (what book binders call “the hand” of the book).  Leather is […]

Set-up Boxes

Set-up Boxes are an industry term to describe what people would describe as a chocolate box.  In the world of print (other than corrugated boxes), there are two kinds of boxes…set-up boxes and folding cartons (boxes).  The latter for example is the “box” that holds a tube of toothpaste.  This style of “folding carton” or […]