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This week’s product is called a Z-card.  I did this over two years ago before I was doing videos.  The only way to reasonable show what a Z-card is – is to open and close the product on a video. Z-cards came off patent eight years ago.  We’ve done hundreds of these jobs ranging in […]

Twirl Folder

What is a twirl folder?  A twirl folder is a die-creased, folded piece that “twirls” open when the opposite corners are pulled.  As are all the pieces I’m presenting this “twirl” is not patented.  Copyrighted names include Twirl Spinner Petal  Size can be from 3” x 3” up to 14” x 14”, stock weight […]

Swing Folder

What is a swing folder?  A swing folder is a die-cut, folded piece that literally has a die-cut panel “swing” completely 180 degrees; and “swing” back when right-side panel is pushed.  We are able to bind this as a page in a perfect bound book.  If an additional panel is added we can bind it […]

Triangle Folder

What is a triangle folder?  A triangle folder is simply paper folded in the shape of a triangle.  A triangle folder requires die-creasing…no gluing…folded automatically.  Triangles can be from 4” x 4” to 16” square; stock from 80lb to 100lb.  They can be a single panel such as 10” x 10” width folded to a […]

Cylinder Box

We make highly custom boxes.  This piece is a box; but a very unusual box!  I’ve never seen anything like it before!  In a retail setting you see thousands of boxes…square corners, tall, short, small, big; but not cylinder shaped.  Better still, this piece, in addition to being cylinder shaped…slides open!  Hence the video.  It’s […]


This particular piece is no longer patented.  It has a number of copyrighted names such as “Star-burst,” “Explosion,” etc… The piece, depending on stock weight and/or grain must, be die-creased and on some occasions perforated at the folds.  Picture #1-3 show the sequence of closing.  You’ll notice in pictures #2 and #3 that the folded […]

Broad-side folder

What is a “Broad-side folder?”  A broad side folder is sort of an 8 page brochure with a slit along the folded top of the 2 center panels. For production we start with a trimmed brochure for example 16”x20”.  We produce a “slit,” 10” through the centre and fold automatically.  For a piece 16”x20”, the […]

Stand-up Box

What is a stand-up box?  A stand-up box is as pictured and videoed.  It is the cheapest, easiest to assemble from a retailer’s perspective, most “mail-worthy” and durable retail-counter display piece that can be printed! It is made out of paper from 12 to 16-point printed stock.  It requires die-cutting and gluing.  In many situations […]

Dome Snaps

What are dome snaps?  Dome snaps are better pictured than explained.  Everyone has had a “dome snaps”, to hold the flap of a purse or a wallet closed or to “snap shut” a book flap.  What is new in “dome snaps” that have been around for decades? Innovation includes “Dome snaps” can now be imprinted […]

Bevelled Edges

What are bevelled edges?  (U.S. spelling is “Beveled”).  We bevell the edges of case bound books or ring binders.  As usual these pictures are as good as a thousand words!  Bevelling is only effective on an unusually thick cover.  The commonest thickness for the cover of a case bound book is 100 point.  These pictures […]