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Three Piece Break Apart

The piece for this eblast is called a “three piece break apart.”  As illustrated the customer/user, bends the piece in the middle two ways and pulls the piece apart.  The “centre piece”, for example, could be a simple card, it is removed from the two “halves!”  We can produce these pieces in quantities from hundreds […]

Double Spine Bound Books

Double spine bound books!  I confess I’ve never seen a book bound in this style before.  This “double spine binding style”, could be bound by any style of mechanical binding…plasticoil, wire-o, cerlox (Americans refer to this style as “comb binding”), spiral wire, or “rolla-bind”.  Binding this style of binding using the perfect binding method would in […]

Multi Cavity Box

I think this piece is fascinating.  When I first saw this, I thought it was a giant book, but as you can see it is a multi-cavity box.  It took us awhile to figure out how to produce this complex box which requires various board thickness, somewhat extensive die-cutting, hand wrapping…the time required to make […]

Zig-zag folded covers on perfect bound books

Zig-zag folded covers on perfect bound books are becoming more common.  The vast majority of these covers are heavier stocks; usually 12 point or thicker.  The fold is short at the face, because if the folded cover is flush, the binding price goes through the roof!  The reason for this is that the finished book […]

Vinyl Binders

We produce screen printed vinyl binders.  Of course the volume has dropped dramatically but there is still a need for them.  Vinyl binders come in hundreds of capacities, sizes and styles.  The trend for metal ring binders is always from vinyl material to be printed, film laminated paper which is glued and “wrapped” around board. […]


What is “Debossing”? Debossing is a process by which a metal block or die is pressure-stamped into the surface of your work, leaving a permanent sunken impression of the design.  It is a simple yet versatile way of creating a shallow, sunken impression in the surface of a soft material such as paper, card, or […]

Clam Shell Boxes

What is a clam shell?  In the context of a bindery a clam shell is a one-piece box. Like a set-up box it does not collapse. A clam shell box can be almost any size, made of a wide range of materials and have “insert configurations” that can be functional, visually appealing and creative. The […]

Metal Etched Plates

What do Metal Etched Plates have to do with binderies and books? We put them on binders and books instead of doing foil stamping, printing, embossing/debossing or screen printing. The metal can be aluminum, tin, brass or steel. We mounted plates ranging in size from 1/2” x 3/4” to 11” x 14”, there is a […]

Wax Seals

What are wax seals? The following pictures tell part of the story. The “wax seal” is coloured wax that we melt onto the printed piece and imprint with a custom made metal die. The metal die is the same kind of metal die we use for foil stamping. The metal die can have on extensive […]